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New Product: HEMAFUSE™ from Sisu Global Health

VIA Global Health is excited to announce that the HEMAFUSE™ is now available to order through our global health sourcing platform.  The HEMAFUSE™ autologous transfusion system is an alternative to donor blood for cases of internal bleeding by using a completely mechanical device that can salvage, filter, and recycle blood from where it is pooled internally to be re-transfused immediately during surgery. Hemafuse can be used in cases such as abdominal bleeding, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and trauma-related surgery. “The Hemafuse addresses a need in surgical and emergency [...]

new medical products now available in africa and india

Hundreds of New Products From Gradian, Corning, Pyrex, Falcon and TYM Now Available.

VIA Global Health is excited to offer new products from Gradian, Corning, Pyrex, Falcon and TYM. The Gradian Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) is the only CE-certified anaesthesia machine that can function without electricity and medical oxygen. The UAM operates with or without electricity and compressed gas. The integrated oxygen concentrator produces up to 10 liters per minute of 95% oxygen. If power is lost and no other source of oxygen is available, the UAM automatically converts to draw-over mode, using room air as the carrier gas. The electric ventilator [...]

LifeWrap Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) Now Available on VIA

The LifeWrap NASG is a lightweight and reusable first aid compression device used to treat shock and manage obstetric haemorrhage. Once in place, the LifeWrap NASG applies enough circumferential counter pressure to decrease blood loss and reverse shock by increasing blood pressure to the heart, brain, and lungs.  In so doing, it reverses hypovolaemic shock resulting from Obstetric Haemorrhage, and has proven effective in stabilizing patients for up to 3 days, while patients are transported to a health center with [...]

VIA Continues to Expand Neonatal and Obstetric Medical Device Marketplace

The VIA Global Health marketplace continues to expand with new additions from both Edan and MTTS. In addition to the recently added Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor, Edan F9 Dual Fetal & Maternal Monitor (TWINS FHR) and the Edan Elite V8 Patient Monitor, VIA has added the EDAN D6 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System and D3 variation along with the Edan F2 Fetal Monitor. In addition to expanding the Edan line of product offerings VIA is excited to start offering MTTS phototherapy products, including [...]